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The global weight loss + “healthy living” products market reached $599.3 billion in annual sales in 2016, with North America representing nearly 43% of total revenues. The market continues to grow and is expected to hit a record CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 10.1% from 2010 to 2016.

The surge in health lifestyle and quality of life retailers such as Whole Foods Market, LuLulemon® and Athleta® show a lasting trends in the US premium lifestyle and “Well-thy” purchasing patterns. Consumers will readily pay for products and services that they believe will produce results to improve their quality of life and/or health.

BalanceDiet™ features an exclusive line of innovative products for health, vitality, and weight loss with over 55 uniquely branded products including highly effective fat burners, natural multivitamins, super-pure Omega 3, healthy snacks, protein drinks and more. These products are manufactured to a NSF quality (clincial) grade. Aligning with BalanceDiet™ and our 25+ year legacy of Wellness helps manufacturers and brands to elevate everyday objects into a Celebration .. A Celebration of Food and Healthy Living!™



Over 25 years in business has
allowed BalanceDiet to build
a loyal and trusted audience.
This is complimented with new
strategic partnerships resulting
in a growth to the size of the
retailer network and overall
consumer base, greatly
expanding the brand's reach
and revenue potential.


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Expand your recognition, instantly.  
When you align your product with the BalanceDiet™ family, you not only gain 25 years of heritage and consumer positioning, your product also will be join a collective marketing pool of all BalanceDiet™ branded products and services globally.

A World of Wellness is waiting...

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