At the Grocery .. 

BalanceDiet™ was built for the Grocery Store!

Our familiar name, trusted approach to health and wellness + innovative pairings can be just what your food, snack, or dessert line needs to elevate its presence in the market.  From fresh food to healthy desserts, there are no shortage of ideas for BalanceDiet™ branded healthy living collections.


BD food.jpg

Sample Food + Grocery categories:

Consider BalanceDiet branding and trade dress for any of the following, or more...
           Salad Dressing                        Reduced Calorie Bread        Organic Tortillas             Salad Mix
           Healthy Chips + Snacks          Organic Produce                   Frozen Desserts            Napkins + Paper Goods
           Natural Chocolate                   Food Storage                        Ice Cream                      Bottled Water
           Healthy Soup                          Frozen Foods                        Juices